5 Tips for Combining Jewelry –

We all have some piece of jewelry that we have a special affection for, for example, that trip when you hired Turbo Rent a Car to rent a car in Ibiza and you went to a summer market where you got a handmade necklace that is perfect and unique but at the same time you don’t know how to combine it or some earrings that your friends gave you as a present with those that are the same: they are ideals but very little to put up with. We are going to give you some tips to make the combination of jewelry not so complicated.

  1. A necklace must always go hand in hand with a cleavageThis is a very popular and well-known rule, but one that we sometimes forget. When you wear tight clothes you want to give a more stylish effect to your figure, a long necklace will help you, however, if you prefer shorter necklaces you can combine them with a shirt or a round neckline.

  1. PendingThere are many types of earrings and unfortunately not all of them suit us with the shape of our face, so we have to be careful with fashions as they will not always favour us as much as we would like. The earrings are much more important than what we give, you must put one or another depending on the hairstyle you wear, the neckline of the dress or shirt and the shape of your face. Study well all the options before choosing and choose the type of earring that makes you feel more comfortable with yourself.

  1. The coloursThe multi-coloured and brightly coloured jewellery goes with almost anything, it can go great with neutral and plain colours and in dark colours it attracts a lot of attention. But they’re also a great option to wear casually as they add a different and special touch to your everyday looks.

  1. BraceletsThe bracelets are very stylish and give a very nice touch, unique and striking to your look, have similarities with the necklaces when combining them, because if you wear tight clothes a couple of loose bracelets will be enough, while if you wear baggy clothes put a significant number of bracelets highlight your figure.

  1. Just the right amountIf we load up too much on jewellery and accessories, instead of adding to our look, we’ll probably subtract from it. Suitability is in the balance.

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