5 ideas for recycling can rings

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We will always find our way at CAN RINGS , we can do two things with them to throw them in the trash or the best RECYCLE THEM , here I will give you 5 fabulous ideas with videos how tutorials

Take advantage of this material.

1. Tin ring bracelets: A beautiful craft for your jeweler, do business or original gifts.

2. Necklace or choker with tin rings: Simply speechless, an elegant way to show that you love the planet :]

3. Beautiful bag with tin rings: Go if it is not a novelty, make an original bag with recyclable material, you can make a makeover with this detail or start an excellent business.

4. Tin ring belt: Bring your jeans to life or a more elegant look with black cloth, this secure belt captures everyone's looks.

5. Original flowers with tin rings: Definitely the project is innovative, you can use them to decorate a bag, to paste them on cards, decorate headbands or to give a different touch to a gift.

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