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5 Factors to consider before picking Gold Brooches

5 Factors to consider before picking Gold Brooches

Buying gold brooches could be overwhelming. You probably have to spend half of the time wondering if the material is authentic or not.

And really, it’s okay to be careful. There are a lot of counterfeits out there and being careful can never be too much. You are not getting it for free after all.

So, let’s talk about ten ways in which you can pick authentic gold brooches.

5 Factors to consider before picking Gold Brooches

1. Ascertain the purity level

gold brooch
gold brooch

The value of gold is relative to the level of its purity. In every gold alloy, there is an equal 24 units also referred to as karats. And if your gold brooch has 24 karats, that means it’s pure. The implication of this is that when the gold is purer, the price is higher as well.

On the other hand, we are not recommending that you go for a gold brooch with higher purity when you get to the store. You need to put the goal of wanting to buy the brooch forward.

You should know that the purer a gold is, the easier it would get damaged. It is usually so delicate that you would have to opt for wearing it once in a blue moon.

Except you are sure that it’s safe from friction, we recommend that you go for a gold brooch with less than 20 karats.

2. What are the other materials?

gold brooch with metal mixed
gold brooches with metal mixed

Gold brooches may contain other metals apart from gold. Which you are probably allergic to. One of the commonest metal mixed with gold alloy is a nickel. Nickel is used in hardening the design. S And this may or may not be stated in the additional information.

So, even if you can’t find it on the product description, don’t forget to ask the manufacturer or seller.

If you are allergic to nickel, we recommend that you go for brooches with high gold content.

And don’t forget to ask questions.

3. Assess quality.

gold-plated brooch
gold-plated brooch

Don’t just trust everything that shines. Just because the gold brooch looks like it doesn’t mean it’s authentic. Take your time to study, before you pay.

There are solid gold brooches, gold-filled brooches, and mere gold-coated ones.

Gold-filled brooches combine gold, alloy, and other materials. As said earlier this combination occurs as an effort to make the jewelry thicker and harder.

If you can’t afford the purest of gold, you can opt for gold alloys because of the following reasons:

  • They are close in quality to solid gold.
  • You can be assured of durability- no fading, tarnishing, or discoloration.
  • They are regulated by law.

On the other hand, gold-coated brooches are fragile. Bend easily. Prone to discoloration and tarnishing. The sales of gold-coated are not so regulated. They are easily available in the market, so beware.

4. Know your colors

Rose Gold Brooch
Rose Gold Brooch

Well, there will always be a slight color difference due to the screen effect when you are checking out any gold brooch online. You need to be sure this is not going to be the case when the package is delivered to you.

On the other hand, you should know your colors.

Pure 24-karats-gold is usually yellow. But since designers have now tried to improvise on the strength of gold accessories to foster its thickness, you might not find a yellow golden color.

So, when buying, look forward to the following possibilities:

  • White Gold. This seems like a clearer version of silver. But they are stronger than gold because they are made of palladium, nickel or manganese.
  • Green Gold. This is made from gold mixed with silver but it’s very rare to come by. Its appearance is a greenish-yellow that shines so bright when adorned.
  • Rose Gold. The design is a gold alloy that comes with a pinkish hue. Thanks to the addition of copper to the gold. The highest percentage of combination is 75% gold and 20-25% copper.

5. Pricing and quality mark

CHANEL Brooch Coco Mark CC Gold
CHANEL Brooch Coco Mark CC Gold

The purity of gold influences the price. But how can one be so sure? So, unless you have a lab nearby where you can determine the purity, put your eyes on the quality mark instead.

Whatever brand you are buying from should be able to establish this. This could be in an inner circle of the gold brooch or at the back of it.



Determining the good from the bad when it comes to picking a gold brooch could be overwhelming. We can bet that half of the purchasing time could be consumed by authentication.

We advise that you take your time in doing this. You should.

We are concerned about helping you get the best. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.


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