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5 Easy ways to know original Cameo Brooches

5 Easy ways to know original Cameo Brooches

Cameo jewelry designs have been around for centuries. They are popular iconic and historical pieces of accessories.

Search through different eras and you can’t but find someone who either owned by our purchase or inheritance, cameo jewelry.

Yet, despite its popularity, it always seems a complicated affair when a lot of people are faced with determining authentic cameo from inauthentic ones. Cameo brooches are also inclusive.

So, the goal of this article is to teach you how to know the original ones in five simple ways. Following careful study of this guide, you should be able to assess cameo brooches to determine its authenticity or otherwise even if you are purchasing from an online store.

5 Ways to Determine Original Cameo Brooches

Vintage Original Cameo Brooch
Vintage Original Cameo Brooch

1.      What Is The Material?

 Antique hand carved shell cameo with 10k yellow gold bezel
Antique hand carved shell cameo with 10k yellow gold bezel

Before considering any other factor, the material from wish a cameo brooch is made out of matters. It’s either shell, coral, stone, or lava. If it’s cheap plastic or resin impostors, you should not buy it.

Cameo brooches made out of conch shell have an orange-pink like base with a creamy-white foreground. The implication of this is that it’s usually thin and likely to crack if not handled with care. On the other hand, plastic or resin impostors are usually thicker.

So, here are the tips:

If it is an original cameo brooch, you should be able to see through to the backside of the cameo. Still, this isn’t absolute. There is just a higher probability of it being fake if you can’t see through. 

2.      Look For Cracks

 Look For Cracks
Look For Cracks

Inspect the cameo under a light source. If it’s made out of the shell, you will see fine cracks or crazing. The impact of carving tools would still be noticeable. When you can trace this, you have nothing to worry about concerning its authenticity.

On the other hand, there is a kind of too-good-to-be-true smoothness that is noticeable with a fake cameo brooch. That’s to tell you that it’s a plastic or resin impostors.

3.      Use Search Engines Like Google

 cameo brooch
cameo brooch

Knowledge is power. What we always tell buyers who ask questions about determining the authenticity of any piece of jewelry is the need to get familiar with the target piece of jewelry first. Don’t be in a hurry to get the item. Do the right findings.

For example, Google search images of cameo brooches. Search for images of plastic cameo too and get acquainted with the looks.

And sometimes, despite your carefulness, the cameo brooches maker might just be deliberately out to trick you into paying for what is not worth it.

Remember we said it could just be a complicated process. Don’t be surprised if you find a cameo with shell at the down and well-molded face plastic.

It could be so confusing. But you can always save yourself of any stress by seeking the company of a cameo brooch expert when buying.

4.      Price

Are you one of those who think the price is not a factor? Well, it may not be the most important, but to determine an authentic cameo brooch, you can neglect it. Inexpensive cameo jewelry is also not that totally bad. But you know what? They are neither durable nor are they valuable.

For whatever fair money you think you spent to acquire it, it’s not even worth it in the end.

5.      Setting

quality mark.
quality mark.

Another thing you should know is that inexpensive cameo brooches may have been carved out of the shell, they are usually set in brass. This means that setting is a germane factor in also determining the quality of a cameo brooch.

If you want to be sure whether you have a shell cameo or nor, take your time to check out the setting for a quality mark. This mark indicates the brooch’s gold content. If it’s there, you can take it that it is not a piece of costume jewelry.

Yet, caution is necessary. Not seeing a mark does not outrightly mean your cameo brooch is costume jewelry. We advise that you have it tested for gold content.

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Determining the worth of your cameo brooch could be tasking. No thanks especially to the fact that cameo could be carved from semi-precious stones, shell, ivory, lava, plastics, and glass.  

A lot of factors have to be considered and to make things easier, we recommend that you ask questions and seek the help of the right sources.

Do you have any other questions? Ask us NOW.


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