5 DIY tutorials with tin rings and 10 more ideas

When we recycle cans of soda to make crafts many times the rings do not help us much, since what is sought is the container. We propose 5 DIY tutorials with can rings for you to recycle!

HaunterMake proposes to make a bracelet with them. You will only need a little loop or ribbon and scissors You can choose the tie color you want! Look!

Another idea is to make keychains. It is a very simple and useful craft if you lose a lot of keys. Ecobrisa, crafts with recycling has two ideas. The first is a clover for which you will need green thread.

The second is a bit more discreet but just as functional. It is a kind of chain with rings, for which you will need to cut some of them with the help of a pliers. ¡¡Check out the video tutorial!

What do you think of this ethnic necklace? You can combine some natural color with more vivid colors like yellow or green, but Handicraft Thingsmaribel has used turquoise wood beads It's beautiful!

You can also make this container that will serve as napkin holder or as a basket, Depending on the size you choose to make. Churras and merinas crafts have used degraded thread to make the napkin ring.

Did you like these tutorials? Here are 10 more ideas!

Look at these bracelets!

You can too combine bracelets and necklace So that they go to game.

Or, do only the necklace.

You can use this flower as a pendant, brooch or key ring. You choose!

What do you think of a hair clip? You can choose any color to join them.

Another idea is make a basket / fruit bowl How is it going. It is circular!

And you can even use them to give a rocker touch to your complements. Look at this wallet!

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