5 Best Guides to dating vintage Brooches

We have frequently received questions from newbie fashion lovers who want to know about vintage brooch. To put it precisely, they wanted to know how they can identify if a vintage brooch is old or not before they buy.

What we should say first is that apart from trying to identify counterfeits, things could get muddled up while trying to get fashion accessories. And buying any vintage brooche is not an exception.

Since you might not always have an expert in precious stones and metals to accompany you to the store, you need to know how to do it yourself.

So, in this article, we have 5 best guides for you for dating a vintage brooch. Please, note that these are general guides that have been proven to work. Are you ready?



Victorian cameo brooch C clasp brooch with Tbar hinge ...
Victorian cameo brooch C clasp brooch with Tbar hinge

Don’t just get carried away by colorful designs and pay for that vintage brooch. The first thing you should do is identify the clasp mechanism. The T-bar hinge clasp is can be traced as far as the 19th century. It was also popular in the 20s. Now, modern vintage brooches artisans prefer to use c-clasp. What we are trying to say is that you will never find a T-bar hinge clasp on modern brooches.

We should also warn you to beware of modern clasp being soldered on older vintage brooches. That’s why you shouldn’t just keep one tip to heart. Being able to distinguish old clasps from modern ones doesn’t win the case. Please, consider other guides we have talked about above.


vintage brooch longer pin
vintage brooch longer pin

Every vintage brooch has a pin and confirming the length of such pin is also important to getting modern ones.

Speaking generally, you should beware that traditional vintage brooches have longer pins. This is probably because fabrics were thicker and heavier compared to now. As a result, to keep vintage brooches in place, the pins needed to be longer.

Well, the case is different now. If it’s too long, you need to be careful.



Popular in the 1910s and 1930s are what is known as trombone clasps. At least, they were more popular than T-bar hinge clasps that were also common then. Trombone clasps are patterned like tubular cylinders that are used to keep the pin in the right place.

In this new age of dating, they are not so common anymore. They started becoming less in vogue in the 1960s.


Vintage Brooch Pin 1960
Vintage Brooch Pin 1960

Seeing roll-over safety clasps on brooches were so popular in the early 1960s. They are no longer common. So, if you find them in the store on vintage brooches, that’s to tell you that it’s not a modern date.

Except maybe you love the good old way, you don’t want to date the vintage brooch with this kind of clasps.

We don’t recommend old vintage brooch because it could be so complicated to maintain and keep in shape.

Roll-Over clasps can break off easily. And when it’s repaired, it doesn’t always feel like it. No matter the depth of repair, it always gives itself away.


vintage brooch
vintage brooch

Apart from the above, you should identify the metal types on any vintage brooch. You should know that metal type influences weight. It also goes a long way to determine if it’s rust or keep its shape without scratches.

Some vintage brooches cannot even last long no matter the degree of coating. No thanks to the type of metal used in its design.



Above all else, what should be noted is that getting more familiar with types of vintage brooch is the best way to date modern ones. The above are general tips and as a newbie, it could appear so complicated. So, because make efforts to get familiar with vintage brooches.

How? Attend auctions and check them out at jewelry shops whenever you go shopping for other accessories. Weigh and feel them in your hands. There is no price tag on trying to check out what a vintage brooch looks like, right?

Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you need to. Seek guidance from those who are not newbies with vintage brooch.

Your questions are always welcome, don’t forget.

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